Two West Indian ladies sit at a bus stop together

Echoes of the Front Room- *Rescheduled*


Available dates

Friday 17 June @ 7.30 PM

Saturday 18 June @ 7.30 PM

The Voice of Vision Community Project (VOVCP) would like to introduce Echoes of the Front Room, a drama based on the West Indian (WI) migration experience. The WI migration experience brought about the changes and transformation of the Caribbean culture and mind-set.

A culture that lives on today - through the new generations - in an alternative space that is Great Britain.

The idea for producing this performance was born from the desire to celebrate the experience of members of our society that helped pave the way for the new generation, creating opportunities and improving cultural identity

In the play we meet Essie, who is an original migrant here in Britain raising her granddaughter, Marie. Essie sees her front room as a status symbol, a sacred place to be revered, a hub of the community’s woes and joys, a culmination of her hard work on the mean streets of England. Marie doesn’t know what the big deal is, and this clash of culture provides both hilarious and poignant moments.

We also meet Sister Millingham aka ‘Daphne’. We follow the twists, turns and scandals of her family, what’s really going on when her brother-in-law turns up from Jamaica? All will be revealed in the Front Room!

*These performances have been rescheduled for Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 June @ 7.30pm. If you have purchased tickets already, please contact the box office or email with your preferred dates.